Sturdy Base Shower Pan White 39"x38"x4.5"

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Remodeling a bathroom often presents unique challenges, particularly if the goal is to complete large renovations such as converting from a bathtub to a shower. Trending Accessibility makes takes the worry and hassle out of such a job with The Sturdy Base Shower Pan.This pan, which basically constitutes as your shower floor, provide a low threshold entrance into the shower which makes entering & exiting the shower easy for everyone. Since most home accidents among the elderly unfortunately happen in the bathroom due to slips/falls, this pan allows you to tile the walls while having a slip-resistant surface in the shower. This product also helps eliminate some of that danger by removing the biggest physical barrier in the bathroom, the bathtub. The Sturdy Base Shower Pan provides easy shower access, eliminates stress, and most importantly, reduces the risk of injuries.With a very quick installation process, Universal Design and advanced engineering have truly merged to produce the "Best in Class" from Trending Accessibility's offering. Structurally supported by fiberglass resin and coated with Marine-grade gelcoat finish (the same coating used to protect yachts), this pan can be utilized for residential or commercial projects. Furthermore, it can be installed on any load bearing surface.Ultimately this Sturdy Base Shower Pan from Trending Accessibility is an amazing shower solution at a great price for any person.

Cheap Sturdy Base Shower Pan, White, 39"x38"x4.5" for Sale Now

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Cheap Sturdy Base Shower Pan, White, 39"x38"x4.5" for Sale Now

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Sturdy Base Shower Pan White 39"x38"x4.5"

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