Commercial Heated Counter Top Display Case Temp Display

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  • Overall: 26.38'' H x 26.7'' W x 22.36'' D
  • Overall Product Weight: 110lb.
    • "

Brilliant Internel LED on top; Adjustable temperature controller; ;Temperature display ;Three layer adjustable chromeplated shelves; Sliding door at back; 4-sides single tempered glass; Meets UL standards

Elegant and compact designEasy to cleanHeavy duty high quality productsEq design offers versatility and functionalityThe eq display case offers the best solution to preserve and display your products"

Cheap Commercial Heated Counter Top Display Case Temp Display Discount On Sale

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Commercial Heated Counter Top Display Case Temp Display.

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Cheap Commercial Heated Counter Top Display Case Temp Display Discount On Sale

Commercial Heated Counter Top Display Case Temp Display