Caserti 6-Light Chandelier

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Products name : Caserti 6-Light Chandelier Category: Chandeliers
  • Number of Lights: 6
  • Fixture Design: Sputnik
  • Adjustable Hanging Length: Yes
  • Fixture: 36'' W x 36'' D
  • Overall Weight: 11.2lb.
    • "Dramatic and modern this Caserti 6-Light Sputnik Chandelier will make all the difference in the appearance and character of any room. The frosted glass globes hover against satin brass metal stems for an elevated contemporary look.An assortment of hard stems is included allowing for a variety of hanging heights. A canopy with a durable swivel allows this light fixture to be mounted on sloped and vaulted ceilings. This chandelier medium base bulbs that are compatible with a variety of..."

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Caserti 6-Light Chandelier

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